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Simple and Affordable Virtual Servers for Small to Mid Sized Companies

How can Proven Virtual Servers Help You?


As a reseller of Scale Computing, we provide the latest HC3 (Hyperconvergence system)technology in virtualisation and storage available for your business.


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Find out all about virtual servers, scale computing and what it can offer your small or mid-sized business.


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Our expertise in virtual servers and their use in an IT infrastructure provides a platform that offers performance and resilience giving you the confidence to provide business critical services.


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Virtual technologies can now be usefully deployed in all sizes of business. We have proven both the virtual and storage technologies over many years of use and are keen to help businesses make the best use of these technologies.


We see the Scale Computing HC3 technology as one of the key tools that will enable businesses to provide the business critical services they need.  Virtual server and data storage infrastructure offers both performance and reliability, giving businesses the confidence to set up and manage their own information.


We are keen to help people select and implement the right solution for their business, and help support them into the future as required.

Who can we help?

We use technologies that are designed to help businesses run by small teams.  We understand the issues they have and speak their language. Check our example profiles to see where you fit.


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