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Proven Virtual Servers is a department of the IT company, Infosysco. Based between Wool and  Dorchester in Dorset we are situated on the Dorset Green Technology Park.


As an established IT company for over 10 years, we have been working with local businesses to support their IT infrastructure.



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We are experienced in working with IT managers and business owners of small to mid sized businesses who are looking to grow and can see the advantages of running a virtual IT infrastructure.

Proven Virtual Servers and Storage

As an authorised reseller of Scale Computing, we are able to offer the latest technology combining storage and virtualisation at an affordable rate.


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We are called 'Proven Virtual Servers' because we have 'proven' through our work with our existing customers that the HC3 technology works as a successful solution for combined storage and virtualisation for small to mid sized businesses.


To find out more about whether HC3 is right for your business you can arrange a demo or give us a call on 0845 6522 500 and we would be happy to talk through your options.


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