Customer 2

Hampshire based office of 50 users with over 100 off site users in multiple remote offices.



We have supported this organisation for over 9 years, taking them from small local area network of less than 20 users to a network of over 150 distributed and diverse users over 30 sites. There are multiple servers with more and more data collected and shared from a central location.  The infrastructure has been designed and built over the years and is a mix of physical and virtual servers.

Example Customer Virtualisation



In 2011 there was a need to improve the resilience of the systems to ensure the availability of key systems all of the time.  The increased demand and resilience brought forward the need for a storage area network of some form.


Virtual Servers

Citrix XEN nodes have been in use for some years as there had been a steady movement of retiring physical servers to the virtual environment.  A total of 3 XEN nodes were in use.


Scale Computing Cluster

Document management was one of the key applications to the business that both required a centralised approach and high availability.  The Scale Cluster was selected because the easy set up with virtual servers and the ability to grow by scaling out.  A 3 TB cluster was chosen as the starting point as the initial storage requirement was less than 1Tb.  Thin provision is being used; the servers have larger disks than the space physically available on the storage cluster.  This means that additional nodes can be added without having to reconfigure the Windows server disks.


Operational experience

The storage cluster has required very little operational intervention, it practically runs itself.  The cluster has been stopped and started when a revised UPS system was introduced for the servers and core network.


Backup and DR

A very similar process to that employed for customer 1 is in place.  Hourly incremental images are collapsed every evening into a daily incremental and exported to a data centre for DR.


Future requirements

Data storage in this organisation is growing quite quickly, particularly through document management.  A 4th 1TB node has already been supplied with the likelihood that as servers are added and removed there will be a requirement to move to the combined virtual server and storage platform , HC3.



Customer 2 has experienced a reliable service on all services provided in association with the storage cluster.  Expansion of storage was straightforward when a software upgrade was also carried out.


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