Customer 3

Dorset based with more than 90 users distributed over 8 main offices and 4 smaller offices from Cornwall to Yorkshire.



This customer had grown on a regional basis over 8 years, using Small Business Server in each of the main offices.  The requirement was to centralise the infrastructure within a data centre bringing the offices into single Windows domain model.  Each office had its own server and data, the requirement was by stages to copy and centralise the data and provide email from a centralised exchange server.

Example Customer Virtualisation

Design and Implementation

The data centre was designed to be a central storage and resource location using the same techniques employed for customers 1 and 2.  Two identical XEN nodes for virtual servers were installed with a 6TB Scale storage cluster into a data centre rack.    The XEN nodes were used to provide Windows servers for email and files, along with VDI and Terminal server applications for remote users.  A backup server was installed for full local backup with a nightly export to the main office for the offsite DR copy.


Operational experience

There was one interruption over the 9 months on the storage cluster when there appeared to be network switch fault on the Storage Cluster network.  This was cleared by restarting the switch and the associated cluster node under guidance from Scale support.  The cluster and servers were stable and reliable; the only issues that arose were through network connections between the sites and the data centre.  A Windows update caused a significant certificate issue for email on the exchange server with outlook anywhere connections; however this was resolved with the help of Microsoft support.



The virtual server and scale storage cluster installation has proven to be easy to operate and support remotely.   In addition to normal business operation it has been possible to set up a number of different environments for development and testing purposes without interfering with main business processes.




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