Example Profiles

Small businesses need simple and reliable systems that work well at a minimum cost.


They need proven and reliable technologies that their staff can understand and work with.


People need confidence that the tools are proven and being used by similar organisations.


Please look through typical business profiles of those who are benefiting from these technologies.

Virtualisation profiles


Business Type


Businesses that use virtual machines and storage clusters tend to have the following things in common:


• 5 to 500 users

• More than one server

• Growing data, understand the issues this causes

• Need Reliability and Resilience

• New to, or recently started with virtual machines

• Recognise the importance of their IT

• Have a small IT support group with additional support from outside.


Business Owners and Directors


The people who run these businesses have many calls on their time and they need to know:


• How these technologies fit into their business

• Why they are good for the business

• What the risks are

• What the costs are and why they are worth it

• Information in a language they understand


IT Personnel


The people who run the organisation’s IT need to know:


• How it works

• Why it makes life easier for them

• The headaches it solves and any issues it causes

• The support available to them

• Some new skills, but all they know now is still relevant

• Information in a language that they can use to explain to others


Seeing is believing!


The best thing to do is talk to someone who can explain and show you.  This will provide the picture that will enable you to go on and investigate further.


The key benefit is keeping things simple and being able to have a computing platform that you control and meets your demands, not what suppliers say you should have.


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