Virtual Servers and Storage

As authorised resellers of Scale Computing, Proven Virtual Servers and Storage offer small to mid sized companies an affordable solution for combined virtualisation and storage.


One of Scale Computings products is the HC3 Hyperconvergence system.

About HC3


The HC3 system allows IT professionals to virtualise their IT environment without the need for NAS or SAN storage layer.


The Scale Computing HC3 system contains server virtualisation software on every node with access to a single pool of storage that spans multiple HC3 nodes, but always looks like local storage to the hypervisor on each HC3 node.


HC3 pools compute resources such as CPUs and memory and automatically starts workloads on the node with the most available resources. This clustered architecture provides both the fault tolerance and scalability needed for a high availability environment and dramatically simplifies management of the environment.


The HC3 system is known as a 'data centre in a box'.


HC3 Features and Benefits


Find out more about HC3, its features and benefits - click here


You can also view further information on how it works, take a look at this short video.

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